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Misaki Yoshimura Promiscuous Party with a Hot Calligrapher

Release Date: 2016-04-25, Duration: N/A

“It is my living national treasure” looks quite fresh mack. When you said something like that, it’ll will I Soryaa “Then You have either etch”. Although sitting is naughty questions to reporters quite liver during the press conference, whether it around, which would answer in the demonstration is a place such as truly human national treasure. Under the kimono of promise Nopantsu. As a model of a professional calligrapher, and brush wholesale the one of the reporters, but the handling of the brush, not to mention professional. Kobo is whether this is a not choose a brush, to it in the remains last was of course wearing a kimono while puppet poor brush, which happened to be the place to skillfully finish.

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